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License #1778, #2179

Beth Farrell, LSCW, LIMHP


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Specialties at a glance: Anxiety, Depression, OCD, ADHD, Bipolar, Binge Eating, Trauma and PNES.

Patient Demographics: Teenagers (15-18+), Adults & Geriatric Adults, Couples

Meeting with a therapist can be intimidating, though starting therapy with an experienced therapist can help you improve your ability to embrace life's stressors and navigate painful experiences. 

Beth’s innate It's my core value is to provide care for others that is not only effective but meaningful to the individual. My style is structured, educational, and openly adaptive. My communication style is laid back and real. I’m often creative and energetic, which allows for interventions to not only be evidenced based but can inspire the openness needed to embrace change and growth.

Getting to Know Beth

What's your Favorite quote: 

If everyone received the encouragement they needed to grow to their full potential the genius in everyone would blossom and the world would produce an abundance beyond their wildest dreams

Candid Truth :

Beth grew up in Colorado, didn't learn to read until high school, and is never caught up on laundry. 

The two Thrive Values that Beth identifies with the most:

Balance - I knew being a mental health provider would not only be rewarding but also require a heavy weight of responsibility. Therefore I use skills to manage and maintain that push and pull in all aspects of my life.

Meaningful Help- I recognized from the beginning that good intention was not enough. I needed to learn to help others in a way that was valuable to them.

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